Accelerate Your Career With LEVERAGE

Our mission to enable clients to achieve their real estate objectives is only made possible by our team of real estate experts, and so, our goal is to equip and empower each Associate to reach their full potential.

At Leverage Realty Consulting Group, Associates can expect to:

  • Maximize their pay
  • Increase their capabilities
  • Build their legacy

Leverage Realty Consulting Group is a diverse and inclusive brokerage that periodically has openings for Associates to join the team, so regardless of where you are in your real estate career, we you invite you to learn more about how our organization will provide you with an advantage beyond what you will find elsewhere.

Flexible Commission Plans


  • Earn up to 100% commission on your first transaction as we offer a variety of commission plans to suit your needs
  • Leverage Realty Consulting Group does not assess desk or technology fees beyond what is reflected in the commission plans, below; Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance protection is included for Associates on all transactions
  • Earn additional income as a Leverage Recruiter, and achieve no dues and fees for life when milestones are met
  • Earn additional income by facilitating purchase orders through our exclusive relationships with designer home decor, lighting, furniture, and fixture distributors


  • Add more client value and mitigate “fall through” transactions by accessing in-house industry best practices across diverse topic areas (e.g., pre-title, entitlements, cost-benefit, etc.)
  • Access in-house aerial photography and videography technology enabling you to enhance how you market properties
  • Leverage the collective experience of residential, farm and ranch, commercial, industrial, and special use experts to increase your effectiveness
  • Add more value to your clients by leveraging our exclusive relationships with designer home decor, lighting, furniture, and fixture distributors
  • Participate in weekly Associate Development meetings directly with the brokerage owners and leaders to position you for success, diversify your skills, enhance your approach, and more
  • Access a library of videos covering an array of topics to give you the competitive edge in the market, regardless of where you are in your Real Estate career


Leverage the global name of our brokerage to build and grow your Real Estate business. For select, qualified leaders in qualifying markets, we offer industry-leading profit sharing plans.

In all markets, Associates have the opportunity to contribute to the growth of Leverage Realty Consulting Group by recruiting active Associates. In doing so, Associates earn income when their recruited Associates earn commission, enabling Associates to increase their income and achieve no dues and fees for life when milestones are met.

Group Leader Profit Share By Associate Pay Plan

Grow The Leverage Brand  |  Earn More  |  Build Your Legacy

*Profit share percentage is based on the number of active Associates who were recruited by the Group Leader; an active Associate is defined as an Associate who is currently sponsored by Leverage Realty and earns commission from at least one engagement within a rolling twelve months from their prior engagement.

**Stucture to be set and approved by Board

Earn As a Leverage Recruiter

Achieve No Dues and No Fees For Life

*Group Leader role and profit sharing must be approved by Board, and is only available under certain conditions and markets

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