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At Leverage Realty Consulting Group, we specialize in San Antonio Property Tax Consulting by blending advanced technology with unmatched industry expertise. Unlike competitors who rely solely on automated valuation models (AVM), our seasoned professionals meticulously analyze each property using local market knowledge, and proven strategies. Our personalized approach ensures successful property tax protests and significant savings for our clients. Trust Leverage Realty Consulting Group for a tailored, hands-on service that delivers results in San Antonio property tax consulting.

Our Property Tax Consulting Services

San Antonio Property Tax

San Antonio Property Tax Consulting

Looking for a San Antonio property tax consultant? Our firm’s focus is on reducing your property tax burden through experienced, creative, and knowledgeable consulting. We represent both owner-occupied and income-producing properties, attending Appraisal Review Board (ARB) hearings on behalf of our clients. Our San Antonio property tax clients range from raw land owners to large distribution warehouses. We have successfully protested tax valuations with the ARB in Bexar, Kendall, Comal, Medina, and Uvalde counties. Trust us for comprehensive San Antonio property tax consulting that delivers results. 

Chapter 312 Property Tax Abatements

Assisting renewable energy developers in securing tax abatement agreements with local taxing jurisdictions. We have successfully obtained Chapter 312 tax abatements, PILOT agreements, and reinvestment zone creation with several ERCOT renewable energy developers in Texas. Contact us for more information on tax abatement work.

Our Pricing Structure For Residential and Commercial Property Tax Protests

100% of our fee is contingent on our ability to reduce your tax bill

Our Property Tax Expertise

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Property Tax Experience

All of our property tax consultants are licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR), as well as hold a separate active real estate license from the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC), with access to MLS databases to research comparable sales to build the most evidence for your property tax protest.

San Antonio Property Tax


We have invested in internally developing systems that allow us to efficiently and effectively use numerous sources to quickly compare your property value to other properties and recent sales. Our proficiency in using these systems, as well our array of data sources, helps us ensure the best and most reliable information is presented in your appeal.

Chapter 312 Property Tax Abatement For Renewable Energy

Chapter 312 Tax Abatements

We specialize in helping renewable energy developers secure Chapter 312 tax abatement agreements with local taxing jurisdictions, ensuring significant tax savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a firm when I can do it myself?

It is true you can do it yourself; however, it will take your time to prepare the necessary evidence, attend your informal hearing, and attend your formal hearing. In addition, you will likely need to contact a real estate professional to obtain access to sales in your area. You can certainly do it yourself, but we believe your time is valuable and you would be better off leaving it to knowledgeable and experienced San Antonio property tax professional.

What is the deadline to file my protest?

The deadline to file is typically May 15th. There are some narrow exceptions that we can discuss with you if you contact us.

Do I need to come to my hearing or do anything else?

The main thing we need from you is to fill out the forms that authorize us to protest on your behalf. Without the proper forms, we cannot represent you. No, you do not need to come to the hearing. The only thing we ask from you is to keep us aware of your property’s condition, as well as any changes in contact information. Your assistance helps us achieve higher reductions. 

What is the risk/catch of retaining your services?

There is no catch. Our fee consists of a percentage of the tax savings we obtain for you, nothing else. There are no hidden fees. See the pricing table on this page for more information. 

Helpful Information You Can Provide To Us

1. Closing Statement if property was recently purchased;
2. Photos that show a condition that may reduce value (Examples of these conditions include: foundation, electrical, plumbing, roof, etc.);
3. Contractors estimates to correct inadequate condition;
4. Information about environmental factors that affect value (Examples include: high traffic area, noise problems, near commercial property, etc.);
5. Issues with land (Examples include: oddly shaped lot, drainage, swamp, grading, inability to build, flooding, zoning, etc.);
6. Current listing information if the property is for sale;
7. Out of date/needs remodeling. Especially for older properties this can be helpful if the sales in the area have been updated and remodeled;
8. Any building permits pulled in the last 5 years;
9. Unfinished construction (Examples include: partially complete rooms, intentionally unfinished spaces, incomplete remodeling etc.); or
10. Anything else that logically indicates a lower value or you would like us to include in our presentation to the Appraisal District.

Does lowering my assessed value make my property worth less when I want to sell?

No. Assessed values are only used for tax purposes. Either you or a real estate professional will evaluate the market when it is time to sell. Assessed values are supposed to approximate a reliable measurement of what your property is worth, but do not affect what a willing buyer and seller will agree upon.

Will the Appraisal District send someone to my property/do you need to come to my house?

Usually, no. In rare instances, such as square footage errors, the Appraisal District might need to do a field inspection. However, their resources are limited, especially during the protest season making it less likely for them to inspect your property. We do not perform field inspections. We ask that you provide any documentation of conditions that may reduce your value using photos and other documents that may be helpful in establishing value.

Are your fees negotiable for multiple properties?

No, we believe our fees are reasonable. We represent several large portfolios, and they each pay our contingency fee. The good news is you only pay us when we save you money. No savings means no fee and the confidence your home was fairly assessed.

I pay my taxes with my mortgage; how do I receive my savings?

Your mortgage lender will adjust your escrow.

Do you guarantee a reduction?

No, anyone who promises you a guaranteed savings are not reputable. We DO guarantee we will not charge you for savings we do not achieve. Our contingency fee aligns our incentives with yours; we both want your property tax bill lowered. However, not every property is over-assessed; therefore, we cannot reduce property values that are already assessed fairly or below market value.

Online Property Tax Consulting Sign Up Form

We Only Serve Bexar, Comal, Kendall, Medina and Uvalde Counties Only At This Time


Submitting the following form will result in two documents/agreements to complete your sign-up for property tax representation:


1) Authorization/Fee Agreement

2) Appointment of Agent


Please review all data for correctness. Please submit the documents as soon as possible. Also, email any items (to that may assist us in seeking lower property values, such as rent rolls, closing statements, contractor estimates for capital improvements, photos of wear and tear to the property, a recent property appraisal, etc. Your co-operation is greatly appreciated.


Note: Forms returned fewer than five days before a scheduled hearing may not be honored.

We will notify you each year in August regarding the results of our protest. This agreement will remain valid for subsequent years until canceled in writing before March 31 of any following year, or you sell your property.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to serve you and your property tax concerns.

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